• My Break from Blogging

    My Break from Blogging

    Tweet I Didn’t Actually Decide Not to Blog There was no point in time where I decided to take a break from blogging. But I was shocked the other day to see how long it had been since I had blogged. On my Des Walsh dot Com site, apart from one brief announcement...

    What’s the Reading Age for Your Blog?

    Tweet “You Should Aim for Grade 8 Reading Level.” ?“Are You Serious?” I still remember being quite shocked, some years ago, when a blogging expert said something to the effect that if you wanted to attract and keep readers for your blog you...
    Writing for MYOB Blog The Pulse

    Writing for MYOB Blog The Pulse

    Tweet Our business has been a customer of accounting and payroll software providers MYOB since way back in the 90s, when they had just got started. And now I’m writing for the MYOB blog The Pulse. The blog is about “news, views and ideas for your...
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